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ML Katka Express

Seat Capacity: 42

ML Katka Express” is an excellent tourist ship for Sundarbans tour. The ship has a capacity of 42 persons including couple rooms, twin rooms and 4 bed rooms which perfectly suit the needs of tourists. The ship has
multiple open spaces for the tourists to sit comfortably which makes ML Katka Express one of the best from other tourist ships. There are safety equipments including spacious dining, adequate fresh drinkingwater, round the clock generator system.

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MB Gangchil

Seat Capacity: 11

Gangchil means “Seagull”. Gangchil is a beautiful houseboat with a length of 14.79 meters and a width of 3.8 meters, suitable for exploring the Sundarbans. This boat has 5 eco-interior designed rooms, where 10people can stay overnight in pairs in each room. Four of these rooms are completely separate, where no crew entry is required, ensuring complete privacy for tourists. The boat has two adjacent air-tight chambers that provide additional safety while cruising. The boat is powered by a lower sound engine and mostly uses a solar plant for power supply. The boat has two toilets with showers and two wash basins. There is a sufficient supply of fresh water on the boat. Additionally, there is a spacious open lounge area that can be used asa dining space. There is a great arrangement for sitting at the front of the boat for sightseeing, and there is an opportunity to take photographsalongside sightseeing. The boat is operated by skilled crew members who are familiar with the core area and operate the boat at a minimumsound level. The boat is suitable for small families, small groups of tourists, photographers, researchers, and small film crews. Even if youwant, it will be great for honey moon tours on the boat. MB Gangchil willbe a unique choice for your beautiful Sundarbans trip.


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